About Numb 

Every day is a race; A race against time, a race against people, a race against changes.

Are we running towards a destination or are we running away from
our past? Day by day, we repeat our routine in this fast-paced world until we
lose consciousness or responsiveness - the feeling of numb.


Brand Concept

Our apparels remind humankind to stay awake from numbness. To breakthrough
from routine requires courage, passion and persistence, which are also the core
qualities of You-nam and a reminder for himself.

Our monotone designs in black, grey and white represent routine everyday
living. The infusion of reflective and charging elements brings energy back and
awake us from numbness


Numb Apparel時裝希望能夠提醒大眾,要從機械式的生活中突破,不要因為社會的規限和評價而變得迷失。Shine成員黃又南將品牌意義刻在服裝上,提醒漸漸變得麻木的我們。



Product Quality

Numb Apparel delivers quality fashion in addition to stylish designs. We focus on details such that our products are subtle yet exquisite. Our in-house supplier owns 40 clothing factories, with an annual supply of over 3 million pieces to premium fashion brands.